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From the desk of Ros Miller

We have the solution!  Join the Prelude team because our solution is fun, different, easy, not expensive and you’ll feel good joining.  Make a small donation of $10 and then pick up a set of knitting needles or a crochet hook and some yarn and purposefully, intentionally make something with love that will…

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Dr RObinson and Board Member celebrating his knitting

Why we give

Lung cancer doesn’t care. It doesn’t care who you are, what you do, where you live, how you live, even if you smoked. Lung cancer just doesn’t care.  I care!      We care!      You can too! The Prelude to a Cure Board at our Recent Knit-A-Lung Fundraiser. Anyone can get lung cancer….

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Join Our Knit-A-Lung!

If you don’t knit, we can teach you or hook you up with a teacher. Why is a cancer research charity involved in knitting? It turns out that the knitting and fiber arts community are driven by Passion, Purpose and Progress, sharing the same way we feel about finding a cure for cancer. Not long…

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Welcome to the New Prelude to a Cure

2020 is in the rearview mirror as the year no one was prepared for. During COVID, Prelude to a Cure (Prelude/P2AC) found itself at odds with our mission and goal with the need to be safe and socially distant from each other. Though, we were not idle. The Board of Prelude took a look at ourselves…

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Prelude to a Cure Shines a Light on Cancer Research

Meet Dr. Boyle Dr. Theresa Boyle is a pathologist – a self-described doctor’s doctor.  Her role is to analyze and interpret biopsied tissue samples for thoracic oncologists and surgeons to develop patient treatment plans. Her career at Moffitt Cancer Center began two and a half years ago and she divides her efforts between the Thoracic and…

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Mourning a Cancer Hero – Dr. Charles WIlliams

<This tribute was written by Prelude Founder and friend of Dr. Williams, Dr. Lary Robinson> March 28, 2018 marked the end of an era at Moffitt Cancer Center with the passing of thoracic oncologist, Dr. Charles Williams. On his drive to his busy clinic that morning to see lung cancer patients, a speeder ran a…

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Our Twitter feed

This is a troubling trend that we would like to see end. https://t.co/lo5CxUYbid
Public radio talks with Dr. Nichole Tanner about lung cancer screening as a tool to help with earlier diagnosis and treatment of this disease. Dr. Tanner is the Co-Director of the Lung Cancer Screening Program at the Medical University of South Carolina. https://t.co/diKIrFPfrx
The signs and symptoms of lung cancer in women can differ from those commonly seen in men. Different types of lung cancer affect different parts of the lungs, and the incidence of types of lung cancer varies between men and women. https://t.co/jdtMaMCpoL
We made a lot of new friends after last month's appearance on @LIVEKellyRyan to promote our Knit-a-Lung fundraiser. Check out our website at https://t.co/ThP5SHVQB0 to learn more about our mission and ways to help fund innovative lung cancer research. #lungcancer https://t.co/J2by9HGRrh PreludetoaCure1 photo
Comedian Kathy Griffin recently discussed the ways in which her body has changed since being diagnosed with lung cancer, including her partial lung removal. https://t.co/vnwY7PJMJA
“With a background in prevention, how could we not know that I was at risk for lung cancer? I knew that if we didn’t know, others didn’t know either. The only message out there is, ‘Don’t smoke, and you won’t get this.’ That clearly is not true.” https://t.co/7CRAW2L0N6