Diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in July 2011, Barbara Bauer was a non-smoker and regular exercise enthusiast. Barbara believed she would beat lung cancer and used her skills as a public speaker to motivate people to exercise and remain positive during treatment. At Moffitt, Barbara participated in chemo, radiation and clinical trials but, sadly, lost her battle in 2012.

But before she passed away, Barbara became a passionate advocate for clinical trials and, like many others, knew that research was crucial to help others. Named in her honor, the Barbara Bauer Lung Cancer Innovative Research Grant fund was created to enable pilot projects that permit thoracic clinicians to develop new ideas in lung cancer including:

  • Developing novel approaches for prevention, early detection, and treatment of lung cancer.
  • Translating findings into new standards for personalized care with novel vaccines, lower dose radiotherapy, or new drugs.
  • Disseminating and increasing adoption of effective prevention and treatment interventions for lung cancer into clinical and public health practice.