Lung cancer research funding has a problem.

We have the solution!  Join the Prelude team because our solution is fun, different, easy, not expensive and you’ll feel good joining.  Make a small donation of $10 and then pick up a set of knitting needles or a crochet hook and some yarn and purposefully, intentionally make something with love that will be given with love to one of our lung cancer patients/survivors to let them know they are not alone. It’s not hard to learn, (we can teach you) fun and the best thing is the return you’ll get from knitting … and that’s priceless! 

One thing that makes Prelude unique is that we’re the building blocks of new discoveries by seeking out novel ideas from unknown researchers and providing them initial funds, in the form of seed grants, to collect the necessary data that can lead to further funding and…. hopefully a new testing mechanism or treatment. With your help , we’re  building survivorship.

We know that funding research takes a team, a community of supporters to believe, hope, and help raise the funds.  That’s why every stitch counts, every finished handmade gift, and every donation made by you gets us that much closer to a new discovery. 

We need you on our team! Ask us how you can start knitting for a cause to make a difference! We Knit! You can too!