We’re Always Looking for Partners in the Fight for a Cure

We’re in this together

no ONE will ever cure cancer, but together, WE will…

“Will you join us in helping find a cure to lung cancer?” We’ve asked that question since our founding. Surprisingly, “Yes,” is our second favorite answer. We much prefer getting the comment, “Well, I don’t know anything about science, so I can’t really help.” That’s our chance to talk about the equation of caring.

A cure will be found in science. Science won’t happen without funding. And funding can’t happen without people caring about the families touched by lung cancer. And no one will care if we don’t share these stories, fund new research and share the news of the breakthroughs in treatments.

We’ve never met anyone that couldn’t fit into that equation.

So whether you’re a researcher, a nurse, a CPA, pro golfer or anything else, YOU are part of finding a cure. We would like you to join us. Your contribution can be through science, funding or participation.

“Through Prelude, I see the thread between patients, physicians, researchers and those that care. If we take our role seriously, we’ll get to our goal. I am part of the team.”
-Prelude Volunteer Kathy Kuser