No One Is Alone
In The Fight Against
Lung Cancer

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Those of us touched by lung cancer understand that the disease asks more questions than it answers. Why do some people get sick and others don’t? Why are other forms of cancer research better funded? Why are non-smoker incidence rates are increasing? Where will the next research breakthrough will come from?

But the question most asked by lung cancer patients and their families is the same question asked by physicians and scientists:

How can I help?

The question asked by Prelude to a Cure is: How can we inspire new ideas in cancer research? Our answer is seed grant funding.

Progress is not inevitable, it’s up to us to create it.

Every donation to Prelude to a Cure goes directly to progress toward a cure for Lung Cancer. We believe that the ideas that lead to progress toward a cure are out there right now. They’re in the minds of curious, passionate and driven research investigators. Our seed grants will help them prove their hypotheses and move the needs on the quest for a cure.