If you don’t knit, we can teach you or hook you up with a teacher.

Why is a cancer research charity involved in knitting? It turns out that the knitting and fiber arts community are driven by Passion, Purpose and Progress, sharing the same way we feel about finding a cure for cancer.

Not long ago, we sat in a meeting scratching our heads as we thought about how to fund our next seed grant. A board member was knitting and when we asked what he was making, he said he was participating in a knit-a-long. Someone misheard him as “Knit-A-LUNG” and here we are.

We welcome you to join us.

Knitter or knot (see what we did?), the best way to participate is to go to our online donation page and we’ll send you a pair of Prelude to a Cure Lungs with some ideas of how to connect them to your project. If you’re a more experienced knitter, we’d love to see you be creative with your lungs- how will you connect them to your knitting?

The key to our Knit-A-Lung is SHARING. There are two ways to SHARE. The easiest is to tag projects with #knitaLUNG or #P2aC (that’s us) on your social media. The other way to SHARE is to send us a finished piece with lungs attached and we’ll be SURE to get that to a cancer patient undergoing therapy at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL. 

Every day, we see a simple smile and thumbs up giving patients joy, hope and strength.

When patients are in the fights of their life, receiving something beautiful and made by human hands can inspire. “I can feel the work that went into this,” we were told by a young man and now we’re really committed to the Knit-A-Lung. The tiniest knit object, a wristlet or a bookmark, carries hope and compassion. Powerful might not be a big enough word.

Please join us. Let’s all get knitting!

Thank you all!

Rosalynne Miller

Executive Director