Prelude to a Cure Welcome to our

Knit-a-lung To Benefit

Cancer research

Everyone can help find a cure for Lung Cancer

With close ties to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL, we also know that patients and families undergoing treatment can feel alone. A simple gift from a stranger can make a huge difference. That’s why we’ve launched our Knit-A-Long (sorry, Knit-A-LUNG).

For a small donation, we’ll send you a pair of lungs (Why lungs? See below.) and ask for your participation in one of two ways. SHARE: knit something- anything- incorporating our lungs and send it back to us. We’ll distribute it to a patient undergoing treatment and pass along your encouragement and well wishes. WEAR: Knit something and ROCK YOUR LUNGS! take a pic, post it and tag us (#knitalung #P2AC). Help us build some momentum.

Where the money goes: In cancer research, new, innovative and breakthrough ideas are necessary to getting us closer to a cure. Seed grants fund researchers as they prove the veracity of these ideas. Prelude to a Cure funds that research.

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The Prelude Lungs on an I-Cord

Even our Researchers are Learning to Knit

It was an adventure, but on June 17 at our LYS Stash, A Place for Yarn, cancer researchers, surgeons and oncologists were all taught to knit as we kicked off our Knit-A-Lung. Read more about it, HERE!