Lung Cancer
Isn’t Just
A Smoker’s Disease

What is Prelude to a Cure?

Volunteers and healthcare Providers, working together to fund innovative lung cancer research

Prelude to a Cure is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization and a driving force in lung cancer research. We fund investigator-initiated research through seed grants, enabling early stage research that may provide potentially significant results that can move cancer research forward.

“The path to a cure is working
with people who are collaborative
and brave enough to search in unexpected places”
Dr. Lary Robinson

Prelude supports promising investigators as they pursue novel approaches to lung cancer research. These investigators might not otherwise find funding due to the challenges of traditional funding process. Prelude seed grants provide funding that can jump-start innovative ideas and early stage research.

We invite you to join us. 

Prelude to a Cure enables breakthrough research

Prelude to a Cure works with an independent scientific review board that provides us with a recommendation after identifying innovative project theories. We identify promising researchers that might not otherwise find funding. Our approach is guided by a group of thoracic oncologists at the acclaimed Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa Florida. Our board is comprised of medical professionals on staff at Moffitt Cancer Center and other prominent institutions working alongside a team of passionate volunteers that have been affected by lung cancer.