Lung Cancer
Isn’t Just
A Smoker’s Disease

Why Prelude to a Cure?

Because Innovative Lung Cancer Research provides hope to current and future patients

Prelude to a Cure was founded by Dr. Lary Robinson, a premier thoracic surgeon, and renowned thoracic researcher, Dr. Scott Antoni in 2014 to expand lung cancer research. As researchers familiar with discovering and implementing unique strategies for lung cancer treatment and improved patient outcomes, they understood the need for new ideas and innovations in treatment. Their willingness to search for answers in unexpected places illuminated the gap between promising research theories and grant opportunities. Lung cancer lags behind other cancer research despite being the number one cancer killer of men and women in the United States.

Why do we do this?

Because we’ve all lost someone to this disease.

We think of family, friends and colleagues who live lives compressed because of lung cancer.

Prelude’s founding board thinks of our dear friend, Barbara Bauer, as inspiration. In her memory, we created the Barbara Bauer Innovative Research Grant Program.

Because Research Matters.