Lung Cancer
Isn’t Just
A Smoker’s Disease

What is a seed grant?

seed grants fund the foundation of future treatments

Cancer research (and medical research in general) is complicated and very competitive. Most National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Cancer Institute (NCI) grants are directed at expanding and fine-tuning existing patient therapies or exploring the efficacy of medical breakthroughs discovered by innovative researchers. Most of these dollars go to the large research institutions that we’ve all heard of. Make no mistake, we believe this is a vital, effective and necessary part of moving a cure forward.

The flowers of tomorrow are
found in the seeds of today.

Right now, it’s exceedingly difficult for new (or relatively unestablished) researchers to perform the necessary initial research to show promise in new and sometimes “out of the box” ideas.

We believe that the next breakthroughs in lung cancer research will come from the ideas and work of those researchers. Think of Prelude to a Cure as a “launch pad” for the newest ideas in cancer research. Our grants encourage researchers to explore and prove new science and accelerate the pace of research for a cure- and isn’t that everyone’s goal?

In our founder’s words. “We believe the key to defeating lung cancer is in taking a different prospective,” said Dr. Lary Robinson, Prelude to a Cure’s Founder. “We need to take a maverick approach to finding novel ideas and therapies.”

That’s why Tampa physicians Lary Robinson and Scott Antonia, two leaders in lung cancer research who specialize in thoracic oncology and research, founded Prelude to a Cure.

“We work beside scientists with very promising theories about new lung cancer treatments,” said Dr. Antonia. “Our grants provide a critical link between their projects and future funding — Seed funding that allows them to generate the preliminary data required to apply for federal grants.”

Prelude grants are open to all qualifying researchers dedicated to exploring innovative treatments and ways to eradicate lung cancer. “We are looking for collaborative scientists, physicians and researchers who are seeking clues in uncharted areas and who want to share these findings,” Dr. Robinson said.

New Ideas = Breakthroughs

Researchers with a maverick mindset are only the start of Prelude’s quest to eradicate lung cancer. Eliminating death by lung cancer must be a collaborative effort. “The reality is that the cure for lung cancer will not be celebrated by one researcher in an ‘aha moment,’” according to Dr. Robinson. “Finding a cure to this killer disease requires the international efforts of researchers throughout the globe.”

Every donation to Prelude to a Cure, feeds an exchange of critical information between lung cancer research teams. The research we fund becomes part of the global library of lung cancer research data whereby those findings will inspire and inform new generations of researchers and further breakthroughs.