2020 is in the rearview mirror as the year no one was prepared for. During COVID, Prelude to a Cure (Prelude/P2AC) found itself at odds with our mission and goal with the need to be safe and socially distant from each other. Though, we were not idle. The Board of Prelude took a look at ourselves and realized we had room for improvement to redefine ourselves so that you know exactly who we are, what we do, how to get involved, give and see the research we’ve funded.

Prelude began 8 years ago with the determination to provide critical funding for the least funded of the major cancers; lung cancer. Our focus remains unique in that our purpose  to provide “seed grants” for young investigators is more vital and in demand. These ideas at their emergent stage become the new ideas that can grow into world changing discoveries.  For you; our family, friends, donors, supporters, patients/survivors and caregivers it means that together, we have work to do. Yes, we’re the elephant in the room, the one cancer that evokes many strong emotions and reactions which have become a part of our unconscious bias.

Our why’s are simple. We’ve loved someone who had lung cancer. We’ve become their voice. Their life compressed  became our passion and call to action. I know from personal experience, when my daughter, Jillian, was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer at 28. If you have lungs, you can get lung cancer. Lung cancer doesn’t discriminate.

We, at Prelude, want you to know that we are here and are looking for the next big idea to fund with our seed grants that could offer our loved one’s better screening or better treatments. We hope you will join our journey. Progress will be helping us meet the goal that one day surviving lung cancer will be expected and not the exception. Share your stories. Join us!  Together we may be on the verge of the next big, HUGE discovery in lung cancer that will rock the world!

Thank you all!

Rosalynne Miller

Executive Director