Lung cancer doesn’t care. It doesn’t care who you are, what you do, where you live, how you live, even if you smoked. Lung cancer just doesn’t care. 

I care!      We care!      You can too!

Dr RObinson and Board Member celebrating his knitting
The Prelude to a Cure Board at our Recent Knit-A-Lung Fundraiser.

Anyone can get lung cancer. Every year over 250,000 people are newly diagnosed with lung cancer and over 150,000 still die from this disease. 60% of newly diagnosed patients are never smokers. More women die from lung cancer today than breast cancer. 

Since 1972, lung cancer research is the least funded of all other major cancers in research dollars. In the past 7 years, with over 17 newly FDA approved treatments available to our loved ones, funding has seen an increase but we far from a cure.  

Prelude to a Cure has the solution. Some of the best breakthrough research ideas start because of seed grant funding.  With your help, we’re filling the gap between novel ideas and approved treatments by funding some of the new, exciting breakthroughs in small labs with unknown but brilliant researchers who have that no-quit, can-do, fresh approach in the disparity of lung cancer research. Research Matters

Which means we can save more lives. This can only happen because you believe. YOU share our hope. We’re building the bridge to the future when surviving lung cancer is expected and not the exception. 

It’s because of YOU that we do what we do. Lung cancer doesn’t care.  But we doAnd YOU can too! Together we can show every lung cancer patient we are a community that cares about them.

We know YOU CARE! Join us for:  #iCareYouCanToo and let’s build that bridge! 


The Board of Directors

Prelude to a Cure